Jayda G is a Canadian Berlin-based producer and DJ, better known also for her work with Freakout Cult (with DJ Fett Burger) and JMG Recordings. She announced the release of the debut album. Significant Changes is out on March 22nd via Ninja Tune. “Leave Room 2 Breathe” is the first excerpt which features Alexa Dash. Listen below.

In 2018 Jayda completed her Masters in Resource and Environmental Management specialising in environmental toxicology, wherein she investigated the effects of human activity on the Salish Sea killer whales (orcas) of Vancouver. It was also the year that she finished recording her debut album as Jayda G: Significant Changes. The title of the album was the most used phrase in her final thesis and exemplifies how intertwined her work in science is with her work in music. “I’m trying to bring my two worlds together… to bridge the communication gap, engage people in a new way”, she explains. “I don’t know if people in the electronic music world will want to talk about the environment but I think I should try! I think it’s our duty to use a platform like this in a positive way, that’s our social responsibility.”