Two years after What If and after 2018’s different soundtracks, German composer, musician and songwriter Hauschka (aka Volker Bertelmann) has announced the release of a new solo work. A Different Forest is out on February 2019 via Sony Classical. We already shared “Dew and Spiderwebs”; “Another Hike” is a new excerpt.

His words about the new album: “In A Different Forest, I’m focusing on the forest as a natural environment and contrast to the urban everyday life; to my surroundings. Where do I want to live and work? What surroundings do I need in order to feel fulfilled? By examining these questions I always come back to nature. How often have I gone for a walk and finished on the crest of a hill or mountain top, and found a new perspective on things. It’s quite a moving experience. The experience of the sublime. Realising that everything has been there for such a long time and will continue to exist, yet in contrast, our human existence is reduced to but a fraction of the earth’s history.