Gazel is a British/Turkish songwriter and producer. She announced the release of the first full-length. Book of Souls is ut later this year. “Mina’s Hymn” is a new excerpt which shows her fragile and evocative vocals and the restless and “nervous” electronic lines. She shared the official video. She explains:

Mina is an elderly widow, one of six characters that appear in Gazel’s Book of Souls. Mina watches memories of her youth through a window in the open desert where she has sat for centuries, fixing mankind’s eyes on the past. In our video, Gazel confronts Mina for the first time, only to find the face looking back at her is strangely familiar. Directed by Glen Travis and Sam Hooper, for this film we enjoyed using a surreal and ambient style to reflect our story, as the barriers between dreams, visions and reality begin to crumble.”