Ai Margini Della Città are the Italian band which include Francesco Curci, Aldo Strippoli, Angelo Cantatore, Pasquale Ricciotti and Giuseppe De Santis. Looking Through, Looking For is the new EP which is out on January 26th via Spore. It was recorded and mixed by Dario Tatoli (aka Makai) at REH Recording Studio in Terlizzi (Italy). It follows 2015’s debut EP.

Three tracks wich show their ability to interlace delicate and elaborate textures, full of small and essential details. They focused on emotional post-rock lines on the first one “Violet and Yellow Rhythms“, melting melodic vibes with a rough sound. “Looking Back” and “Disquiet” underline minimal lines with ambient connections (which could be a good path to follow for the next full-lenght). We have the pleasure to premiere the full streaming. Listen below.

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