Three years after Far Island And Near Places, French composer, pianist and multi-instrumentalist Quentin Sirjacq announced the released of a new album. Companion is out on February 22nd via Japanese label Schole (Akira Kosemura, Dakota Suite, Tim Linghaus). “Variations” is the first excerpt. Watch the official video below.

In this new set of songs the melodic touch and the delicate harmonies from the piano still radiate in parts but the way orchestrations and musical structures are transforming themselves during the songs is a bright new element in Sirjacq’s music. Every track is a sort of journey starting in one place and finishing in another, slowly moving and unfolding through a mix of influences layering one another. Gamelan, African polyrhythm, modern classical, free jazz, electronic music or film music all collide here. Constructed on many varied layers of musical thinking and techniques, this album is yet very unique, accessible and beautiful.
For this new work Sirjacq has called some of the finest musicians of the french scene such as Julien Loutelier, Vincent Taurelle, Arnaud Lassus and Steve Argüelles.