We already introduced Josin, a German talented composer, songwriter and producer. One year after her first EP Epilogue, she announced the release of her debut full-length. In The Blank Space is out on January 25th via Dumont Dumont. We had the pleasure to ask some questions about her debut album, her live shows and more. Check her answers after the video below.

“In the Blank Space” is your debut album. What about the creative process and the inspiration?

The process of doing that album began long ago and it feels good to have my creative outputs of the past years until today on one record. Lots of my inspiration comes from when I’m on the road, surrounded by nature. Most of the very first ideas are captured in those moments and I love to bring them back into my studio afterwards to work on the production, the sounds, the structure. So it basically always starts with something very simple and intuitive, and then it becomes a load of work 🙂

The visual part seems to have a great role for your music. You shared the video for the title-track, Burning (For A New Start) and “Once Apart”. What about these three videos and the connection of your music with the visual part?

I think it´s a symbiosis. It interacts, but for me the music always comes first because I’m mainly a music maker of course. But it´s always interesting to see how the images changes the way I feel about the music. With that said I try to choose carefully what I’m doing visually because it´s like an additional dimension or instrument to my music. But a lot things are not planned while collecting the images – especially when you are filming outside and more unexpected things can happen.

You were Born in Cologne to a Korean mother and German father. I suppose you grew up with different cultures. How much it affected your way to think and create music? 

It´s hard to say because I don’t how I would feel about a lot of things if I wasn’t raised with two or more cultures. It has definitely made me try to find my „own“ identity more, I guess. Interesting thought though – could be a reason for my music being more introspective?

Kiasmos remixed you track “Company”. What about it? And what about the chance of a remix album, as a follow-up of the debut full-length?

The Kiasmos remix is a huge honor for me. Doing a remix album is definitely something I would love to do. Present my songs in a more electronical way. A lot of productions of my songs have already been more electronical.

Considering the nature of your project, how much are you interested in experimentation? If yes, what is your way to try to do it?

I think writing music is always experimenting. Every new song is a new approach and a chance to try new things. My goal in the future is to collaborate more with other people and explore that kind of experimentation!

You announced the European Tour. What do you like more of live shows compared to studio sessions?

The connection with the outside world. I love being in the studio and just working on my music by myself, but the moment when these songs are performed live and evoke emotions of other people it´s making the whole process meaningful.

I saw which there aren’t Italian dates. Will I have the chance to see you in my country in the future? Are you plannng something?

I hope play an italian show soon! Would love to include italy in a second tour this year.

What are the best release you appreciated this year?

I don’t listen to a lot of music to be honest, but I’m lucky to have talented friends that release amazing music. This year was better because of wonderful releases from Olafur Arnalds, Jens Kuross and swedish Vivii for example.

Check the tour dates below.

  • feb 17 | PRAGUE, czech republic | Café V Lese
  • feb 18 | BRNO, czech republic | Kabinet Muz
  • feb 19 | LEIPZIG, germany | UT Connewitz
  • feb 20 | BERLIN, germany | Musik & Frieden
  • feb 21 | WARSAW, poland | Jasna 1
  • feb 23 | COPENHAGEN, denmark | Ideal Bar
  • feb 24 | HAMBURG, germany | Turmzimmer
  • feb 25 | COLOGNE, germany | Studio 672
  • feb 27 | LONDON, UK | Courtyard Theatre
  • feb 28 | CAMBRIDGE, UK | The Portland Arms
  • mar 01 | MANCHESTER, UK | The Deaf Institute
  • mar 02 | BRIGHTON, UK | Rialto
  • mar 04 | PARIS, france | Le Pop Up Du Label
  • mar 05 | ANTWERP, belgium | Kavka
  • mar 06 | AMSTERDAM, netherlands | Sugar Factory
  • mar 08 | NYON, switzerland | La Parenthese
  • mar 10 | MUNICH, germany | Zehner