Four years after 2015’s debut EP FloatSwedish producer Amsterdam-based producer and beatmaker August Landelius announced the release of the first full-length set to arrive later in 2019. He shared the first excerpt “All You Can Eat” which shows slow and evocative electronic lines (with trip-hop roots) melting with whispered and delicate vocals.

Speaking about his new release, Landelius added, “’All You Can Eat’ is about the specific social group I’m from, let’s say advantaged, western, freshly ‘woke’ young men. I’m a very privileged boy from Sweden and white male Swedes from where I’m from are used to complaining about all kinds of small things. I was extremely grossed out by myself and all my whining about useless problems. Not that I loved myself before, but now I almost felt like I had lost my identity, which is really pathetic. The thing is I couldn’t really help being a bit sad even though I now really, really understood how privileged I was”