German label Midira Records announced a new edition of Moving Noises Festival,that will take place on February 2nd, 2019 at Christuskirche ChristuskircheBochum in Germany. The lineup includes a lot of acts which we feature on our website: Nadja, Scatterwound, A-Sun Amissa, Zenjungle, The Star Pillow, Tonus and many more. Tickets are available here. For more information you can check the facebook event. We are official partner of this remarkable event.

That day something special will happen: 5 albums will be released at the festival, a month before they are going to be released online. We’ll premiere, in a few days until the festival date, tracks from these new albums.

Today we share a playlist to introduce all the artists which will perform at Christuskirche.

Scatterwound. Scatterwound is the collaboration bewteen Dirk Serries and N, two projects which we introduced different times. This is an excerpt from their 2017’s release.

Zenjungle. Greek composer Zenjungle (Phil Gardelis) released a new album in 2018. Fragmented Lives is out via Midira Records. An excerpt below.

A-Sun Amissa. A-Sun Amissa is an instrumental collective founded and led by Richard Knox (The Rustle of the Stars, Shield Patterns, Glissando). One year after The Gatherer, they released a new album in 2018. Ceremony In The Stillness is out via Gizeh Records and Consouling Sounds. This is “The Black Path”.

Werl + Gareth Davis. Werl (Aidan Baker + Tomas Järmyr) will perform a special set with musician Gareth Davis (A-Sun Amissa, Mere, Oiseaux-Tempête). This is Werl V from 2016’s album.

The Star Pillow. The Star Pillow is the project of Italian musician and sound artist Paolo Monti. We share a track from his 2018’s solo album Symphony for an Intergalactic Brotherhood, out via Boring Machines.

Nadja. Nadja is the project that involves Aidan Baker (guitars/vocals/drum programming) & Leah Buckareff (bass/vocals). This is “The Stone” from 2016’s release The Stone Is Not Hit By The Sun, Nor Carved With A Knife.

Tomas Järmyr. Swedish drummer Tomas Järmyr is better known for the collaboration with Zu, Motorpsycho and many more. This is an exceprt from 2018’s collaborative album (with Eirik Havnes and Dirk Serries) Distant Curving Horizon. The Primal Broken Passage. Beneath The Scorching Sun.

Tonus. Tonus is the collaboration between Belgian musicians Dirk Serries and Martina Verhoeven (piano) with Colin Webster (alto saxophone), Jan Daelman (flute), Nils Vermeulen (bass) and George Hadow (drums). We share an excerpt from their recent album.

N + [BOLT]. Dortmund-based German experimental guitarist Hellmut Neidhardt aka and Duisburg-based trio (Two bass-guitars and a drumset) [BOLT] released different albums together. This is “22.16” from their 2015’s collaboration.