Rian Treanor is a British experimental producer. He announced the release of the first full-length. ATAXIA is out on March 15th via Planet Mu. It follows singles for The Death Of Rave and Warp’s Arcola imprint as well as live sets at Boilerroom x Genelec, Nyege Nyege festival, tours in India and various high profile EU shows.

The title ‘ATAXIA’ means ‘the loss of full control of bodily movements’ and relates to Rian’s music which is “intended to make people’s bodies move in unpredictable ways.” He adds “the angles in the letters, the phonetics seem to mirror the geometry and idiosyncratic patterns in the music.” Rian explains that components of the tracks were made by generating a series of irregular events and re-structuring them, or by destabilising a pattern that is constant.

He shared the first excerpt “ATAXIA_D1” which shows percussive electronic beats and fragmented rhythms. Listen below.