Two years after Empire Builder, American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Laura Gibson released a new album in 2018. Goners is out now via City Slang and Barsuk Records. It features guitarist Dave Depper (Death Cab for Cutie), drummer and percussionist Dan Hunt (Neko Case), bassist Nate Query (The Decemberists), Kelly Pratt and Kyleen King.

She shared a new video for the track “I Don’t Want Your Voice To Move Me“. Directed by Gibson herself, the video was shot over two days across her home state of Oregon, from the forest near Portland, to the Alvord Desert in the Southeastern corner of the state. Of the video, she says:

The phrase ‘I don’t want your voice to move me’ came to me as I was driving up to Mount Hood the summer before last. I kept singing the phrase to myself while walking up the face of the mountain near Timberline Lodge. I was processing a lot of heavy things at the time, and began thinking of the particular experience of shared loss between two people: sitting across from someone you love, feeling unable to cross the emotional distance to connect or comfort them. Sometimes there exists a giant lake of pain between two people that neither knows how to cross.

Since I was young, whenever I’ve felt a rupture in a relationship, be it death, or physical distance, or my own inability to express what I want to express, I’d dream or imagine I was searching for the person in some other landscape. The surreal representation of a real intention.

I wanted to make a video that included these images, that captured something of grief, and of the ways we silently reach towards one another when we’re unable to summon the words. The image of a woman in a red hospital gown came to me while hiking in the mountains of Nepal, and I began imagining a story that became the video.