Back in 2017, at the time I was not yet part of the Sonofmarketing Team. And so, the magazine missed one of the most stunning releases I have experienced in 2017. Today, I am happy to be able to fill the gap by sharing via, the BNNT‘s only full live performance available so far! The performance itself is breathtaking, the sound quality is on the top, and it’s very well filmed. But It could not be any other way, because when you get a little closer to the project you soon realize that BNNT isn’t exclusively a sound projet. In any case, they do not consider themselves as musicians, but rather as a tribe, or as a herd. I think that their goal is to commune with us by using every possible angle that art offers. And the sound, which is able to tune us on similar frequencies, is one of these mediators. But the visual aspect is also a very important point to Konrad Smoleński and Daniel Szwed. this is an aspect that can lead to reflection, just as for The booklet that accompanies their last album Multiverse, the handbook has been made almost illegible deliberately. This creates an interaction with the person who tries to read it, pushing him to reconstruct a text from the parts he can read, This is the same for the description of their album on Bandcamp by the way! Multiverse was released late in the year 2017 on Instant Classic Records and the booklet design was made by Moonmadness graphic design Studio (scroll down to see all graphic pictures including the Booklet), led by Daniel Szwed (BNNT percussionist), who is graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. But the visual aspect does not stop there. Just as Daniel Szwed is designer, Koenrad Smoleński is a visual or multimedia artist who combines the art of video, sound and sculpture. Also he creates objects and DIY instruments, such as the very perculiar “strings rocket” he uses on the BNNT project (Picture credit Bartosz Górka). He proposes impressive audio-visual works that he himself describes as a mix of “spectacular pyrotechnic effects” and “minimal punk aesthetic”. I invite you to follow this link to have an idea of Konrad Smoleński’s professional and artistic accomplishments.–everything-/


Art being their way of communing and interacting with the public, the subtraction of their identities when performing live is probably become obvious. It is certain that the masking of their faces with a black bag can raises questions for some of you, but my analysis of the question seems to be in the right direction. they use their bodies as living sculptures that have no specific identities. for me and from this position, it is easier to focus on the movements of the bodies, which are all thought out, and on the instruments, rather than on the faces.

It’s, to a certain degree, as if the person who is presenting an audio-visual piece is near to you. You’ll have more difficulty letting your imagination run wild and performing the piece yourself. The subtraction of the author has its importance in the path that the recipient will take. Right Picture credit: Maciej Zakrzewski – Left picture credit: Radosław Kaźmierczak



Now let’s move on to the choice of title for the album Multiverse, which is also being studied. Multi-Verse, or Multi Version? I let you read the announcement that Daniel and Konrad recently made via social media: “The music duet BNNT is considered a tribe, a herd and an art group. Now, the tribe turns out to be more complex than the duo we know.
In 2019 the group changes its course, leaving the control in the hands of other musicians who use very different sound languages. They were asked to perform and/or record under the name BNNT. That gives us a chance to observe the results of this experiment both on stage and in a series of recordings. The last album is going to be released under the same name several times this year. Each subsequent re-edition of the Multiverse is another layer of the “parallel universe” – a different vision of this well-received album. Each version is different music, recorded in a different line-up, time and instrumentarium. That might cause confusion in the Discogs database. During the upcoming concerts Siksa, Patrick Higgins (ZS and Arto Lindsay) and BNNT (the original duo) will perform their versions live. In the coming months the first four Multiverses will be released by Instant Classic.”

“That might cause confusion in the Discogs database”!! – Konrad Smoleński


Watch The full live performance!! via

Track List:

 The Last Illiterate
Sickness Begins When One Starts To Think
God Is Nothing More Than An Acoustic Hallucination
Consider A Single Wave Relieved The Pressure On The System
Imagine you are falling, but there is no ground (which is probably a rename of D_If The Universe is Expanding, are we drifting apart too due to the absence of Mats Gustafsson on the saxophone) 

  • Production: National Film Archive-Audiovisual Institute (Filmoteka Narodowa-Instytut Audiowizualny – FINA) – Jan Błaszczak, Izabella Polkowska, Jagoda Nowakowska
  • Music: BNNT – Konrad Smoleński, Daniel Szwed
  • Sound ingeneering: Tony Kinsky, Mateusz Banasiuk
  • Light: Paweł Jarząbek
  • Photos: Roman Urzędowski, Marcin Kosiciński
  • Montage: Roman Urzędowski

Thanks a lot to, as well as to their editorial Team for giving us the possibility to share this performance.