Medicamentosa is the project of Italian producer Bruno Mari. One year after Ubuntu Cola, he announced the release of his third EP. Floodd is out on January 25th via Tempura Dischi. We have the pleasure to premiere the official video of the track “Avremo le ali e le branchie” which shows resteless well-built beats, cheerful rhythms and dreamy lines. It is directed by Oskar Tocha. As the press release reports: It is a song which is about hope in the future and evolution, composed with an ironic and detached way, like flying over our history

The video recalls remotely the aesthetics of the vaporwave style, which sees the present as the future of a time, adding elements of distortion. For this track, the video incorporates Michael Jackson’s  “Do not stop’ till you get enough” clip, but with a subject certainly less graceful and out of context like Medicamentosa which continues in a self-deprecating vision of his music and art and which he already showed in previous videos. 

Watch it below.