Last December, Italian trio The Pier (Danilo De Candia, Gabriele Terlizzi e Davide Pasculli) released their second official album Dead Reckoning, out via Kallax Records. It follows 2018′ self-titled debut full-length. Ten tracks which show pure love and fascination for math-rock, rhythms exploration melting with melodic vibes.

We ask them to introduce us to their world with 5 influential tracks that had an important role for their music. Check it below after the full streaming of the album.

This Town Need Guns – Elk 

Due to the fact is not anymore in our recent playlist, this track is been for us a daily basis to create new atmospheres, merging chords and woodwind.

St. Vincent – Surgeon 

Set-up rhythmic patterns, working on them just for a sound such as a drum-machine; even overturn on some guitar-patterns: all of this while we were listening this song, so it was like.

Dan Deacon – Feel The Lightning

Furthermore, Bon Iver and his “22, A Million” is been one of our favorite albums in the last years. We approached and began to use the creative-editing, likewise all the work made around the voice effects contained in this LP. Regarding this, we have to mention Dan Deacon “Feel the Lightning”, an inspiration so clear and easily recognizable in our tracks “Bubbles” o “Kayak”.


Among other artists we listened during the recording sessions, surely Hip-Hop and Black Music. BROCKHAMPTON’s “Queer” or “Futura Free” by Frank Ocean, are indeed some references for the rap-voices created and composed for Dead Reckoning.


Oneohtrix Point Never – We’ll Take It 

We got close also to some new productions in the electronic music, and “We’ll Take It” by Oneohtrix Point Never could be considered a clear example.