Our Lady of The Flowers are the American collective which involve Rod Modell (sampling / editing), Kevin Dunham (electronics), Jeri Frantz (keyboards), Erinn Pegan (vocals), Jay Buckets (guitars), Warren Doss (guitars). Holiday In Thule should be the first full-length which is out now via 13/Silentes.

As the press release reports, the album is a new chapter of quantum music, painted with tibetan-gong feedback, field-recordings, homemade electronic devices, and low-fidelity 1980’s digital-sampling technology. Source-material recorded with a cheap handheld digital recorder (Olympus WS-853), then resampled / arranged / edited at Lighthouse Beach in Port Huron, Michigan, during middle-of-the-night sessions between August 2016 and September 2018.

An excerpt is available below.