Sarah Louise is an Asheville-based singer-songwriter and musician (also part of the duo House and Land with Sally Anne Morgan). In 2018, she released a new full-length titled Deeper Woods. Now she announced a new album. Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars is out on January 25th via Thrill Jockey. “Rime” is a new excerpt. Listen below.

Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars is Louise’s most fearless work to date. Broadening beyond folk forms, she turns streams of raw electric guitar into entire oceans of aural texture. Pieces mine components of Appalachian musical traditions that Louise is steeped in, as well as spiritual jazz, contemporary classical, and new age, while drawing intensely personal inspiration from the natural world. The innovative songs share warmth and compositional tendencies with Louise’s earlier output; however, remarkably, Sarah Louise’s stunning sophomore Thrill Jockey album breaks through the boundaries of solo guitar, bearing little resemblance to its predecessors.