Yoste is an interesting Brisbane-based songwriter and producer. He announced the release of the debut EP. try to be okay is out on February 15th via Akira Records. “Chihiro” is a new track wich shows ethereal vibes, delicate pulsing beats and warm vocals. His words about the track:

“This was the first song I wrote for Yoste. It wasn’t all that long ago and yet it feels as if it was. I wanted to keep it very simple, almost bare. The structure is unconventional. There is a single melody, only two verses and no real chorus. I wanted the vocals to be almost childlike in their melody and sound, which largely stemmed from the ethereal nature of the instrumentation. Thematically it was about trying to capture a feeling of wonder, of being lost in a good way. I wanted it to feel the way Hayao Miyazaki films feel, hence the name Chihiro.”