Eight years after The Dark, British musician and singer-songwriter Matt Elliott returned with the project The Third Eye Foundation. Wake The Dead is the new album which is out via Ici D’Ailleurs.

Last week, he shared a new work with his own name titled Songs of Resignation. His words about it: “It is not a proper Matt Elliott album, in some ways its the very opposite. There are no complex productions, no choirs, no noise, no microphones that cost thousands of euros were used, no compositions worked out over months and years or lyrics teased out of crushed and broken experiences. It is a collection of some of the 200 or so demos I’ve recorded over the last 3 years or so, most of them improvised and spontaneous and recorded simply & basically for use at some later date or to develop ideas.

After being in the studio for the last session I quickly realised that recreating these moments of spontaneous composition was almost impossible and it was very hard to recapture the moment in the same way as when you are inspired at midnight and just need to capture something. As a result I gave up trying for these particular demos but I think they contain something, spontaneous creation, passages of almost accidental beauty, the sound of a collection moments, late nights alone, drunk or high, tired or melancholy, which I thought I would share with those who might find something of worth in there somewhere while waiting for the next proper Matt Elliott album, scheduled for release late 2019.

The album has not been mastered and is mixed how it was mixed at the time. I didn’t keep any of the original sessions so they exist exactly as they are.”