I follow the project of Alessandro Camilletti aka Psycho Kinder since the beginning from 2011. Almost ten years with a remarkable growth and development, without no fear to “damage” his stylistic identity and to see beyond genres and leveled way to think music. You can see this kind of approach in the new album Diario Ermetico which is out via Fonetica Meccanica (2018). Music production is curated by cult Italian musician Federico De Caroli aka Deca (which also mixed the album). Mastering by Michele Caserta and artwork by Francesco Pirro.

I think this is the best album, so far, of Psycho Kinder. It’s something totally different from his previous works but it is however connected with the soul of the project. Twelve tracks which are a deep trip in the gothic culture. The new direction is the choice of the minimalism way: the sound is essential, rough and insidious lines, deep dark-ambient textures predominate the arrangements architecture.

The tracks are short (like notes from a personal journey diary) and 7-minute “Track 11” is the central page which explains the flow of the full-length where the vocals becomes and added instrument. Sublime. This way of design the sound emphasizes the songwriting of Alessandro Camiletti which is more hermetic (and incisive) than ever; take “Track 7” and the industrial resonance: the perfect context for the Italian artist vocals and words.

Diario Ermetico is a nonconformist and modern work. Nonconfromist because there’s a unique pattern to express and build the sound, far away from the caothic ways the world express itself in our era. A sort of silent ribellion where there is a (minimal) soundtrack to design the silence. It is also modern because the use of the spoken-word is very similar (abstractly) to some experimental urban sounds which “control” the most part of contemporary music scene. An updated and elegant version of hermetic urban poetry.