We introduced different times New York-based producer Andrew Cosentino. One year after Islip Speedway, he announced the release of a new EPKick, Leap, Kick, Touch….Again is out today as self-release. We have the pleasure to premiere a new track titled “Medallions“.

His words about the ep: ” “Kick, Leap, Kick, Touch….Again” is my short new EP, produced at home in Queens over the past several months.  I performed and recorded all the instruments myself (including synthesizer, Zhongruan, guitar, and percussion) and tried to make something that was cohesive and very atmospheric with a specific sense of place, but at the same time something you could rap over.  I like using sounds that are meaningful in some way or that I have a personal connection to, (the sound of my family’s piano for instance, a favorite bird, or the chatter on the street outside my window), and even though listener doesn’t know its there, I like to think the attention to detail comes through.  

The cover art, done by excellent Malaysian illustrator Stephanie Yong, is also a bit of a homage to the neighborhood I live in, jackson heights, which is an inspiration for the album. for example  terraza 7, featured on the cover, is my favorite neighborhood jazz bar.
Listen below.