2018 is over. It’s time to move forward. This is our list of 20 new upcoming albums that will be released in 2019.

C’mon Tigre. Four years ago we introduced Italian duo C’mon Tigre and their stunning self-titled debut album, one of the best release of 2014. A remarkable mix between psychedelic vibes, world music connections, funk, jazz and blues lines. Now they announced the release of a new album. Racines is out on February 15th, 2019 via BDC. “Guide To Poison Tasting” is the first excerpt. Watch the video which features Harri Peccinotti photos, included in the book which accompanies the vinyl version of the album.

Ô Lake is the project of the talented French Rennes-based pianist and composer Sylvain Texier. Last year weintroduced him with “The Leftovers”; now he announced the release of the debut full-length. Refuge will be out on February 1st, 2019 via French labels Patchrock and Night-Night Records. It has been recorded in France and mastered in Berlin by Zino Mickorey (who worked on the last efforts of Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm).

The album features French Paul Rouger (Les Solistes Français) on the violin and David Harlé (Ensemble Philéas) on the cello. “Holocene” is the first excerpt.

Kryshe. Kryshe is the solo project of German musician and sound artist. Christian Grothe. With the use of trumpet, guitar, his voice and electronics he creates colorful soundscapes. Two years after March Of The Mysterious, he announced the release of a new album. Hauch is out on January 25th, 2019 via Serein. Title-track is the first excerpt.

Silk Road Assassins. Silk Road Assassins is the project which involves poducers Tom E Vercetti, Chemist and Lovedr0id. They announced the release of the debut full-length State Of Ruin which will be out on February 8th, 2019 via Planet Mu. It features Kuedo and Russian producers WWWINGS.

Teeth of the Sea. Three years after Highly Deadly Black Tarantula, British London-based band Teeth of the Sea announced the release of a new album. Wraith is out oN February 22nd, 2019 via Rocket Recordings. It features Erol Alkan, percussionist Valentina Magaletti (Tomaga/Raime/Vanishing Twin), Chlöe Herington (ChromeHoof/Knifeworld/Valve) and Katharine Gifford (The Wargs/Snowpony/Stereolab). “Hiraeth” is the first excerpt.

Julia Kent. A few months after the collaboration with Belgian artist Jean D.L., Canadian cellist Julia Kent announced the release of a new album which should be out later in 2019. We don’t have further details. She share the first excerpt titled “Imbalance”. Watch the official video directed by the great artist Gregory Euclide.

K Á R Y Y N is a Syrian-Armenian-American artist, who previously collaborated on a project with American director Samantha Shay. We introduced her with the track “YAJNA”; now she announced the signing with Mute Records. Debut album will be out in 2019. She shared two new tracks titled “Segment & The Line” and “Today, I Read Your Life Story 11:11“.

ILUITEQ. ILUITEQ is the collaborative ambient project which involves Italian musicians and sound artists Sergio Calzoni and Andrea Bellucci. Soundtracks For Winter Departures is the first full-length which is out on January 18th, 2019 via British label TXT Recordings. As the press release reports, all the tracks have been conceived with a unique palette of sound timbres, making use of a wide range of sampling and synthesis techniques (granular, wavetable, FM, additive). The sound is further enhanced by parts of electric guitar, acoustic piano and field recordings.

Chasms. Chasms are the San Francisco-based project which involves Jess Labrador and Shannon Madden. We introduced them with debut full-length On The Legs Of Love Purified. Now they announced the release of a new album. The Mirage is out oN February 22nd, 2019 via Felte Records. “Shadow” is the hypnotic first excerpt. It was mixed by Josh Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv) and mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri.

Kyle Crane. Kyle Crane is an American drummer, better known for his touring work with M. Ward and Neko Case as well as being the drum double for the film Whiplash. He announced the release of the debut album. Crane Like the Bird is out on January 18th, 2019. It features Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes), James Mercer (The Shins), Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses), Luke Steele (Empire of the Sun), Sabina Sciubba (Brazilian Girls), Peter Morén (Peter Bjorn and John), M. Ward, Blake Mills, acclaimed Pedal Steel Guitarist Daniel Lanois, Jazz Pianist Brad Mehldau.

Jay Glass Dubs. A few months after mini-LP Plegni and different EPs, Greek producer Jay Glass Dubs announced the release of his first full-length. Epitaph is ou on January 2019 via Bristol-based label Bokeh Versions. “Animal State” is the first excerpt which features vocals from Yorgia Karidi. The album features also saxophonist Ben Vince.

Pinty. Pinty is a Peckham based DJ & MC. He arrives onto the music scene in 2015 with self- released Midnight Moods mixtape, followed by  Boiler Room and Just Jam performances, guest appearances on Glenn Astro and Jamie Isaacs tracks. He announced the release of his first EP City Limits which will be out in February 2019. “Tropical Bleu” is a new excerpt produced by Arcy Marshall aka King Krule.

Lee Gamble. One year after Mnestic PressureBirmingham-raised, London-based producer and DJ Lee Gamble announced the release of a new album. Triptych album Flush Real Pharynx is set to be released in three parts and today he unveils its first chapter, In A Paraventral Scale, which will be released on February 1st, 2019 via Hyperdub.  “Many Gods Many Angels” is the first excerpt.

UNKLE. Seven years later Where Did the Night FallBritish collective UNKLE returned with a new album  The Road Part 1 in 2017. Now the James Lavelle-founded project announced the follow-up The Road: Part 2 (Lost Highway) which will be out on March 29th, 2019 via Songs For The Def.

Be Forest. Four years after their second full-length Earthbeat, Italian trio Be Forest announced the release of the new album. Knocturne will be out on February 8th, 2019 via We Were Never Being Boring. Pre-order is available here. The trio enlisted Steve Scanu to assist with production and mixing duties with mastering courtesy of Josh Bonati.

Kin Leonn. Singapore-born and currently London-based, composer and producer Kin Leonn (better known also as a founding member of electronic act ‘midstʼ) announced the signing with KITCHEN label and the release of the first full-length which will be out in 2019. “There Were Days” is the first excerpt.

rum gold. rum gold is an interesting New York-based singer-songwriter. He announced the release of the debut EP. yaRn will be out in 2019. He shared a new track titled “Get Through” which is produced by James Chatburn and shows his warm and soulful vocals and the refined melody of the sound. His words about the track: ” “Get Through” is a self revelation. Its about finding that vice to get through a hard place, while also understanding that you wouldn’t be who you are today without going through said hardship. Its about learning to understand that contradiction is natural and if allowed can be incredibly freeing.

Party Animal. Party Animal is the project of Turin-based singer-songwriter and musician Andrea Chiapparino which we introduced with the project Be The Man. Two years after debut EP Sparkle, he announced the release of his sophomore. Leave is out on January 9th, 2019 via Dotto, E’ un Brutto Posto Dove Vivere and Winter Beach. It was recorded  and mixed by Dario Tatoli (aka Makai) at REH Studio in Terlizzi.

Sometimes” is the first excerpt which shows his delicate vocals, powerful and warm as a dimmer light, melting with a “fragile” sound: a sublime well-built melody, deep and intense as a blurry, full of meaning memory. Watch the self-directed video below.

James Place. James Place is the music project of New York-based producer Phil Tortoroli (also known for his label Styles Upon Styles). One year after Voices Bloom, he announced the release of a new album. Still Waves To A Whisper is out on February 8th, 2019 via Umor Rex. It was mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio. The digital version includes a remix by Persuasion aka Devon Hansen. “Timing and Lighting” is the first excerpt.

Amanda Palmer. One year afterI Can Spin a Rainbow, American musician and singer-songwriter Amanda Palmer announced the release of a new album. There Will Be No More Intermission is out on March 8th, 2019. “Drowning in the Sound” is the first excerpt and features production from John Congleton.

Matthew Wilcock. Matthew Wilcock is a British musician and sound artist. He grew up in a working-class family in Tameside, Greater Manchester. Rejecting the Mancunian tropes of rave, Britpop and postpunk that he grew up with, he immersed himself in US east-coast hip hop and basketball, and started making sample-based music as a teenager on a borrowed version of the music programming software Acid Pro.

He announced the release of the debut full-lenght which will be out in 2019. “Tear” is the first excerpt which shows the dark and tense side of ambient textures.