Here is the list of the songs I have put into my bag for this year 2018. They are all taken from albums, Ep or single that do not appear in my selection of the albums of the year. And so, there is a great opportunity to you to discover much more albums.  They are presented in alphabetical order.

How to use my list :  Read more about in green color / Push on the album artwork to play it.


Anguish – Gut Feeling



Aperture – In These Awkward Voids



Autrenoir – Dédale


Daniel Bjarnason – Under The Tree (Paul Corley – Að Grafa Remix)



Essaie Pas – Complet Brouillé



Franck Vigroux&Mika Vainio – Un peu après le Soleil



Ipek Gorgun – Tserin Dropchut



Jan Jalinek – Slavoj Zizek, what signs were there of the imminent dissolution of Yugoslavia?



Jesse Woolston – What once Was



Maria W. Horn – Ave



Ovtrenoir – Inherit the Dust



Peaches – Convincing People (Throbbing Gristle Remix)



Savier – Bulk Bogan (Opine Kosinsky Kiwi Protein Remix)



Shit&Shine – Backstage Passes!



Sikk – Hey Rich!



Years of Denial – We operate on each other