There is a light that never goes out… and it’s the light of wonder, amazement, flash of inspiration. And in 2018 this light is represented by Double Negative, certainly the masterpiece of the American trio Low. It includes masterfully both the disposition of alternative rock and pop: deep fragility and obsessive search for the dark side of our reality. All this with skinny electronic groans.

That’s why the other preferences go to dark electronic albums (Nine Inch Nails, Soft Moon, the techno of Youarehere, Anna Calvi’s pop magnificence) or to fragile and melodic releases (the elegance of Son Lux, Soap&Skin, the italian authorial style of Riccardo Sinigallia, the fantastic synth pop from American Pastel Ghost and finally the confirmation of the cult band Breeders).

Two interpretations of such a complex and difficult reality, in which the common field is the large use of electronic. The full list below.