Looking back at this 2018, I wasn’t sure I could find so many interesting acts and albums to be taken into consideration. In my own personal perspective this could have been defined as a “low profile musical year”; then I suddendly realized, taking a few minutes to think about it while driving on a sunny sunday, that instead I could at least list three cases of nice surprises in 2018: a few really interesting releases, a couple of EPs blending in a LP AND a great return.

Among the interesting releases, I could quote:

  • Goat Girl debut album;
  • Teleman‘s “Family of Aliens”,
  • The Blaze‘s “Dancehall”, probably one of the greatest surprises this year,
  • Icelandic electro act GusGus which is back with “Lies Are More Flexible”.
  • I wasn’t really astonished by any rock act or album I must admit. The only exception was probably Marmozets, with their album “Knowing What You Know Now”.

French ex duo Her and Kan Wakan instead, after releasing a few EPs in 2016 and 2017, eventually joined all their first works in two LPs.

Another interesting band which released the first album after a couple of EPs in 2018, is the alternative act Monumental Men.

Last but not least, 2018 was the year for a great return: A Perfect Circle released “Eat The Elephant”, a tasteful rock opera.