Different Times – Giardini Di Mirò

Way Through Vulnerability – Liberez

Working Class Woman – Marie Davidson

The Last of Reality – Cat Hope & Lionel Marchetti

Myth II: A Need to Survive – The Eye of Time

Faintly Recollected – Ian Hawgood and Danny Norbury

Dead Piano – Deison/Bellucci

Dont mind me – Lost Odyssey

Lost Play – Anne Garner

Entanglement – Jessica Moss

Black Box Animals – Luton

Lub Dub – A Toys Orchestra

Broken Access – Theo Alexander

From Elson To Emmett – Jouska

Songs From Under The Floorboard, Vol. 1 – AA. VV (Accident Prone Records)

Dossier – Patrick Higgins

All That Was Lost – Stray Theories

Nothing Is Still – Leon Vynehall

Dream Variations – Tristan Eckerson

Astroworld – Travis Scott

Distant Scenes – Ashlar

The Great Lake Swallows – Julia Kent and Jean DL

Somewhere – Silent Carnival

Métaphysiques Cannibales – Attilio Novellino and Colin McKelvey

Roses – Jean-Michel Blais

New Material – Preoccupations

Pissing Stars – Efrim Manuel Menuck

Here Lies – Jorge Elbrecht

Come On Let’s Wait – Aries Mond


Hidden – Giulio Aldinucci & Star Pillow

Georgia – Carmel

Blinks – Toxe