A few months after The Bones of Quietness, Italian collective Sparkle in Grey (Matteo Uggeri, Cristiano Lupo, Alberto Carozzi and Franz Krostopovic) released a new album. Milano is out now. As the press release reports the music of the full-length explores the relationship between it and water (its hidden dominant element). Listen below.

The album is a curious collection that features subhumans speaking with liquids. Enzo Jannacci and Throbbing Gristle. Reem Soliman and And Also The Trees, Prog and industrial. Electronic and jazzy palms. Goths and Charlie Parker. 

Cristiano Lupo played the guitar on SiG’s first record. He then migrated to drums, only to then settle on the bass. Now he has decided that he plays tenor sax.  Alberto Carozzi, after years at guitar, is now on bass. Matteo Uggeri makes drawings, deals with production and beats, and sings for a few seconds. Franz Krostopovic sits at the piano, but with his trusty violin in his lap, and a viola close by. Simone Riva plays drums in a pair of special songs. 

It’s always hard to play and then release music but Sparkle in Grey keep trying, with the precious help of a few illuminated labels. Sparkle in Grey do not resign to extinguishing themselves.