Tiana Khasi is an interesting Australian Brisbane-based future-soul and jazz singer-songwritwer. “Nuketown” is her debut track wich shows her warm vocals, the ethereal vibes of the sound and the percussive rhythms. It is out now via Soul has No Tempo. Her words about the track: “At the time of writing Nuketown, I was processing the end of one too many toxic relationships in which my strength was underestimated. The song gave me a chance to have a more confrontational conversation embellished by a tender soundscape of strings, hushed vocals and ethereal synths.

Whilst working on the track, I vividly recalled the footage of old nuclear testing sites set up as 1950’s neighbourhoods. In hindsight, this contrasting imagery represented how something picturesque and perfect can be a smokescreen for something more destructive, inevitably imploding into beautiful chaos”