Juracán is the project of Pierre Carbuccia, a Portland-based self-taught multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Niño is the debut EP which is out now. Eight tracks show ethereal post-rock textures with ambient references and a trembling mood.

Niño (boy) is a journey of self-exploration with themes revolving around Carbuccia’s childhood experiences – both positive and negative. As a child, Pierre dealt with an abusive relationship and often felt that the negative things in his life were his fault.

“Inspiration comes to me from being solitude. Living away from my family and culture in a new environment [Portland, OR] was a re-defining moment. I was lucky to have moved here with my partner, Carla Javier-Brea, who supported me through times of adjustment,” says Carbuccia as he reflects on this tenuous time in his life.