We Transfer is the innovative project organized by LAP “Laboratorio Artigianale di Pazzia” on an idea by Nicodemo, art director of crossmedial label XXXV.

To be published in January 2019, We Transfer focuses on the transmission and sharing of artistic contributions through contemporary media and on the production of audio and video contents coming from different channels.

More than 50 Italian artists have already took part at this project sharing files and contents: voluntary productions by Roberto Dell’Era from Afterhours, Kole Laca from Il Teatro Degli Orrori, Marco Fasolo from Jennifer Gentle, Riccardo Tesio from Marlene Kuntz, Anacleto Vitolo and many other names coming from several artistic fields have been collected and the produced music has been mixed by Johnny Paglioli at Studio XXXV, in Cava de’ Tirreni (SA).

Thanks to the collaboration with Linea D’Ombra Cinema Festival, We Transfer is also open to visual art with a #CallForVideomakers: until December 23, in fact, videomakers, filmmakers and images producers from all over the world can contribute to this experiment of “shared culture”, which will be distributed to exalt the relation between culture and digital era.

Each videomaker can participate with a video, lasting from 35 seconds to 1 minute, about the themes of “transfer” in the digital era and “relocation” as human and artistic sharing, influenced by sound setting.

All the files can be sent to wetransfer@xxxv.it and will be edited (partially or in full) on the produced music.