Wild Child is the Austin-based project which involves Kelsey Wilson (lead vocals and violin), Alexander Beggins (lead vocals and baritone ukulele), Sadie Wolfe (cello), Tyler Osmond (bass), Matt Bradshaw (keyboard and trumpet), Cody Ackors (guitar and trombone), and Tom Myers (drums). Three eyars after Fools, they’re back with a new album titled Expectations.

For the recording of Expectations, the band traveled across the world to work with multiple producers (and accomplished musicians in their own right) on the album, including Chris Walla (formerly Death Cab For Cutie), Chris Boosahda (Shakey Graves), Scott McMicken (Dr. Dog), Max Frost and Adrian Quesada (Brownout, Black Pumas).

They shared a new video for the track “Sinking Ship“. “It’s as much of me as I can put into a song, so I was really excited that someone [director Matt Smuckler] wanted to come in and do something special for it,” singer Kelsey Wilson told Billboard. “Matt painted this picture through all these scenarios of this couple that really tripped me out because there were things I’d done in my life in every single shot — sitting outside, shooting cans with BB guns, getting a drunk significant other into the show to get them sober, right down to the liquor they’re drinking. Every single shot was something I’d done before with the person the song was about. The first time I watched it I couldn’t breathe, especially watching my sister act it all out.”