Four years after Blue Record, Italian singer-songwriter and musician Carlo Barbagallo returned with a new album 9 in 2017, out via Trovarobato, Malintenti Dischi, Stereodischi, Noja Recordings, Wild Love Records.

Now he announced the release of a new full-length which collects four studies for electric guitar and live electronics. iAmInTiLt,BoB! is out on February 15th, 2019 via Noja Recordings. We have the pleasure to premiere a new video for the track “Wie Ein Naturlaut” which shows a minimal noisy sound (which “grows” only in the final part). It was directed by Elaine Carmen Bonsangue. Pre-order here.

More about the track and the video:

Wie Ein Naturlaut is the third composition of the project iAmInTiLt,BoB!, a series of experimental pieces for electric guitar and live electronics. The piece was conceived with an orchestral overture character, a big harmonic crescendo.
The electric guitar is inside a modular sound processing digital system (developed in max/msp). The complex network of interactions between the modules is controlled in real time by the guitar sound parameters and triggered by the performer through foot-controllers. Almost all sounds in the piece are guitar sound processing, real time recorded and manipulated; the other sound source is a complex no-input feedback chain between the modules, also controlled by the performer through his playing. The live version of the piece is diffused by a tri-phony (two side full-range speakers and a valve amp for the guitar between them).
In the video, Wie Ein Naturlaut is introduced by an excerpt of the Study #1 of iAmInTiLt,BoB!; a twenty minutes speculation on producing no-input sound-like improvisations though the only use of a table-top electric guitar. The guitar here was conceived as an electroacoustic source device in the same integrated plan with the analog processing devices used.
If moving from order to disorder states is law for nature, it seems unavoidable for humans to move towards nothingness, following the absurd idea of reaching a better state or place, no more than a mirror of their own present condition excluding themselves. And this continuous “moving” is revealed as a deteriorating “waiting”. There’s no one else. No other place. No other story. As we’d never been born. Waiting for love. Waiting for ourselves.
In this waiting and in a dark room, every element of this video project was builded, trying to give order to everything and then degrade every aspect of it to a destructive end. But nothing really ends up in nature, there’s no ending to the process; so, like the musical piece grows and devours every sound space, this end could evolve forever and repeat itself, like millions of big-bangs. 
A black box in an empty space, a little theatre. Imagine to paradoxically spying inside the Schrödinger box. The trees was mad of little branches, the snow with sugar and cotton, the doll was cut and reassembled with iron, plastic and rope. We are nothing less than assemblages of generations, vicious circles of guilts and addictions. Using a inadeguate camera, trying to exploit every limit, thinking about “poor” solutions (like using candles for “stage” lights) and improvising all the time following the music, and then burn all.