In this Christmas time Sonofmarketing is pleased to share with you a “sweet sonic bite”, as well as being very happy also to announce for early 2019 an interview with Maximilianas Oprishka aka FUME. We will talk about music, probably … But we will certainly talk about Physics and the Philosophy of Physics.
His album Luminance, recently released by Suru Records, is a metaphorical journey inspired by light, philosophy of Physics and artificial intelligence.

I could recommend this album for those of you who are into artists such as Plaster, Kangding Ray, Senking, Lorn or Belief Defect. But that would only represent a minority of you, those who gravitate towards projects that are qualified as underground.
Luminance offers a perfect balance of sounds and compositions in a Power-Ambient mode, that are easily accessible to everyone. It’s an album that I would describe as completely “marketable” without being commercial.
Far from any Fashion, it is an album that will find its place in time, one that you will discover today and that you will rediscover tomorrow with the same pleasure.

And for this reason, in order to discover Luminance I strongly recommend that you listen to the album in the order it is presented,  and that you take the 47 minutes needed to appreciate the development of the narrative from beginning to end.
As you listen, keep the word “light” in your mind. Whether the definition is revealed  to you in a physical, philosophical or spiritual way, the association of this word with Maximilianas’ compositions will undoubtedly create a 3-dimensional image of what you are listening to.
To try to explain what I have just stated and talking from my own experience of Luminance, I can attempt to describe you my feeling when listening Unrest track on the album.

My approach to the word Light being more related to consciousness than to physics, this title inspires me to see light as an awareness, as the awakening of the society to the empirical system in which we live.
Empirical to avoid using the word dominance or dictatorship. This title inspires me to see the awakening of an ever-increasing number of us from the colossus of the totalitarian globalization. This phone that rings constantly seems to alert us and calls to awaken those who have not yet joined the roaring crowd.

But don’t let my interpretation of Unrest lead you to conclude that this is a Dark-Electronic release. Unrest is track number 7 (B2) on the album, it is probably the most shaded part of the narrative, and shadows are part of the history of light.

Side A offers more extensive and brighter perspectives. In particular the track Ark, which drives me into reflectivity or reflection upon his choice of reverbs, that develops the title with great clarity.

Anyway, from my first experience with Luminance I knew I was in the presence of an album of great quality. But I strongly recommend listening to this album under the same conditions as if you were listening to an Ambient album. It is filled with small details, pay attention to them and offer them with high-quality listening equipment.

It is an album that could have been produced by major labels such as Raster. But it was Suru Records, a Lithuanian label that had the opportunity to release it. So why this Label, and is my interpretation of the album in line with Maximilianas’ intentions? No idea… But it is with great pleasure that we will meet again in early 2019 to discuss all of this with Fume.

Available on 180 gram snow white colored vinyl in gatefold, or Digital format:
Limited edition – 300 hand numbered copies.