We are glad and honored to announce the media partnership for a unique event. Trani-based Cavo Fest and Laterza-based N-Grave Festival join their forces and step out from their born cities to bring their concepts in one special place. The two festivals are better known for the research in experimental electronic music and digital art. The “Spin-Off” will take place on December 28th at Cittadella Degli Artisti in Molfetta. The event sees the collaboration of “music temple” Eremo Club and the web radio Puzzle.

The Lineup includes Italian duo comprised of Giuseppe Maggialetti e Marco Malasomma (from M.A.T.O. Collective), dub producer Waves Patrol, media artist Giuseppe Acito aka Exotrol (Toa Mata Band) and producer Marco Cassanelli which will close the night with the Vinyl DJ Set. You’ll be able to follow the event thanks to the live streaming on our facebook page. For more info and tickets, check the facebook event.

The full program:

H 22.00 Maggialetti/Malasomma (live set from M.a.t.o.)
H 22.30 Waves Patrol – Live set electro Dub
H 23.00 EXOTROL – Live Electronics
H 24.00 Marco Cassanelli – Vinyl Dj Set