One year afterI Can Spin a Rainbow, American musician and singer-songwriter Amanda Palmer announced the release of a new album. There Will Be No More Intermission is out on March 8th, 2019. “Drowning in the Sound” is the first excerpt and features production from John Congleton. Listen below.

Her words about the album and the new track:

This song was written as a two-day songwriting exercise on august 29th and 30th, 2017, using input/inspiration/comments from hundreds of my patrons. it was a response to the insanity of internet politics melded with the total eclipse and the devastation of hurricane harvey….and…other things.

This song, my album, and all of the art i’ve been making over the last three years was funded by over 12,000 people on people there support me, my staff, and my collaborators so we can draw a sustainable salary to MAKE ALL THE THINGS. come join to help me make MORE THINGS and get special merch, tour pre-sales, and all album news first for as little as $1/month:

The original demo of this song was first released in august 2017, with download proceeds going to support the Texas Diaper Bank to help victims of Hurricane Harvey across Texas.