Benjamin e Edinho is the result of the collaboration between Chicago-based eclectic musician Ben LaMar Gay and Brazilian guitar master Edinho Gerber. It is out now via Chicago-based label International Anthem. The two musicians shared friendship & stories across a co-residence in Chicago and time spent in Rio de Janeiro (where Gerber is from, and Gay lived for some time). This album is the product of that friendship and the leisurely music-making that defined their time together between the years of 2011 and 2013.

Full streaming si available below. Listen below.

In the diverse spectrum of Gay’s catalogue, Benjamim e Edinho is where he displays his admiration for the experimental folk/R&B arrangements of Chicago Soul originator Charles Stepney, 1970s Quincy Jones, the work of Moacir Santos and all the storied innovators of Brazilian experimental music. Possibly the most polished of all the (formerly) unreleased recordings in Ben LaMar Gay’s back catalogue, Benjamim e Edinho is a nugget of Pan-Americana that rebirths the revolutionary, psychedelic & sexy sound of classic Tropicalia through a Chicagoan lens.