Jeremie Whistler is a newcomer Parisian electronic singer and producer. He announced the release of the first full-length The Dawn which will be out in 2019. He defined it as “a collection of songs about surrealistic dreams and failed love stories. It heralds a new life, in which past hurts are left behind after they take shape. Sonically, i wanted to merge electronic and acoustic sounds and create lush and dark atmospheres.”

He wrote, composed and produced the album himself with the the help of band member Sylvain Ollivier and French electronic producer Saycet. Three tracks also include a string quartet (Pop Quartet, led by violinist Celia Triplet) and the album was entirely mixed by Sébastien Cannas at Capitaine Plouf studios.

We have the pleasure to premiere the official video for the track “Smoke Signals” which shows his warm vocals, the melancholic piano (played by Aurélien Bianco) and the intense electronic textures. His words about it: “For the “smoke signals” video i wanted to play with the set up that i use on stage, an installation of origami/lights that turn on and off according to the music. I wanted to use the hypnotical potential of this installation to accompany the story of an interaction between two sides of myself : naive and evil.I was interested in playing with the notion of transformation with the help of drag artist Clemence Trü”.