Ishmael Ensemble is the project of multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ Pete Cunningham. The band feature Jake Spurgeon (modular synth, keys, sarod), Yazz Ahmed (flugelhorn), Ross Hughes (bass clarinet, alto flute), Rory O’Gorman (drums), Stephen Mullins (guitar), Jackson Lapes (percussion).

He announced the release of Severn Songs 3, the third in a 7” vinyl trilogy inspired by Bristol, its surrounding regions and the River Severn. It is out on February 15th, 2019 via Severn Songs Records. Watch the official video for the track “The River (Reprise)” which features Yazz Ahmed.

‘Severn Songs 3’ pays homage  the  mighty  river  itself,  in  both  title  and  mood.  Field recordings from the banks of another iconic river – the Ganges – made by keyboardist and co-writer Jake Spurgeon meander in and out  of  focus,  whilst  celestial  percussion  ushers  in  the  full-bodied  tone  of  celebrated jazz trumpeter Yazz  Ahmed’s  horn.  The track climaxes in true Ishmaelian fashion with a  whirlwind  of  pulsating  synthesizers,  crashing  drums  and  hypnotic  brass  flurries,  before  easing  back  into  the  dulcet  rhythm  of  oars  lapping  through  water.
On the flip, a reprise takes the listener on a much gentler ride.  However, the tension and dynamics of  this  twin  version  are  still  very  much  apparent.  Throughout the release, an array of new  instruments open  up  in  Cunningham’s  armoury;  most  notably  bass  clarinet,  alto-flute  and  the  sarod –  leaving  the  listener just a  few  strings  shy  of  a  full  orchestral  experience.