FIL BO RIVA is the project of Italian singer-songwriter and musician Filippo Bonamici. Two years after his debut EP If You’re Right, It’s Alright, he’s back with a new track titled “L’over” which is the first excerpt from his upcoming album Beautiful Sadness. It shows the his warm and delicate vocals, the well-built melodic textures melting with the rough lines (in the final part of the track). His words about it:

One day after the studio I was in a restaurant with [guitarist] Felix Remm and [producer] Robert Stephenson. While chatting about relationships and the little “problems” that come with it… including the fact that I usually don’t write about very positive things, I started fancying the idea of writing a song about it. It took me a few days to find the right chords and put it all straight forward, cos I wanted it to sound a little ironic but still simple and honest. Most of the songs I write take their inspiration from something painful, a complicated heartbreak for example and sometimes this can make someone else not feel comfortable… I guess it’s something we’ve all been through. I think the song is trying to celebrate this weird twist of feelings – it’s pretty much an homage to the little ups and downs that come with every liaison, a song inspired by that incredible strange feeling that we call jealousy“.