Jio is the new project of New York-based producer and songwriter Jio Nadal, better known known as J. Albert. It is a departure from his typical bass, house and techno style to explore songwriting territory with r’n’b and hip-hop textures. TFW is the first full-length which is out on January 18th via Quiet Time. “Life After Love” is the first excerpt. Listen below.

His words about the release: “All tracks on FTW were started in my bedroom and recorded on amateur grade equipment. In recording these songs about love, family, friendship, and I made enough space between my mind and reality to have a fresh perspective on my existence/purpose/ value. I recorded all of these songs between January and August in the wake of a breakup, family trouble, and unemployment. TFW was a way for me to export my debilitating revolving thoughts and compartmentalize the internal dialogue I had during this period. Coming from a dance music background it was very refreshing to write songs. I felt like I had a lot to say that I wasn’t saying through my beat tracks. The process of recording these songs was therapeutic and radial in nature but steadily took on a more ridgid formula once my body of work began to get larger. I typically began writing down short verses in my phone when I was in transit or in altered states as a way to externalize my thinking/ record my progress, then I would make ambient-scapes to sing too later. I was listening to a lot of Pati Labelle, Oval, Future, and popular soundcloud rappers of late 2017-2018.”