Four years ago we introduced Silent Carnival, the project of Italian musician and singer-songwriter Marco Giambrone (Marlowe) and his self-titled debut full-length (Viceversa Records and Old Bicycle Records). Now he’s back with the sophomore album. Somewhere is out now via Backwards Records.

It features Caterina Fede (vocals, organ, harmonium, synth, autoharp, cymbals, percussions, noises), Alfonso De Marco (bass guitar, percussions, backing vocals), Andrea Serrapiglio (viola on “Like Gaming Cards”, strings on “Somewhere”), Luca Serrapiglio (bass clarinet on “Calvary”), Stefano De Ponti (subtractive synthesis on choirs on “Calvary”) and Luca Swanz Andriolo (banjos on “Somewhere”).

We have the pleasure to premiere the official video for the title-track, one of the most powerful tracks of the album. It was written, directed and edited by Guido Celli. His words about the video:

The erring is not a thread of way, the erring loses the way
the way to have to go, to know how to go
the way that, if you go, will make you come back.
To erring is to lose the way to go
the walking way to make mistakes
and, in error, the only way to stay.

This Carnival’s song, so hypnotic, so obsessive, so evocative, forces you, in my opinion, to ask yourself which “where” are you when you are where you feel you are. So, in cascade, of how to be that “where” to which you go, you are or from which you flee. Working for years on a poem about erring, it seemed to me the right opportunity to face a small part of the speech replacing the word with the vision. So at “Somewhere” sung repeatedly by Marco Giambrone and Caterina Fede, to the question of which “where” you need, fear or nostalgia, I responded with the images of this video, the fruit of pain and love so different, so equal. The crossing of the forest at night, archetypal image par excellence, which the protagonist performs in solitude, wants to give to the video the threefold idea of going, crossing and back: it is going towards what (the exit of the forest, the house, the heart of Darkness)? During what (an exile, a will, a loss)? Back to what (a love, a bed, a heimat)?”

I shot it with a Sony Alpha 7 II in Finland and in the Murgia and starred the great Iranian video artist Arash Irandoust“.