Sailing Stones is the project of Irish/Swedish Bristol-based singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Jenny Lindfors. We introduced her with She’s A Rose, her debut EP which is out now via Keep Her Lit. Now she’s back with a new track and a new video.

To Know Nothing At All (Telescopes)” began life as a vinyl only B-side for the original ‘Telescopes’ single, but after spending more time with Dan Moore’s (Will Gregory Moog Ensemble, Modulus III) reimagined version, composed almost entirely on analogue synthesisers, it quickly became clear that it was too special to be just an afterthought. A running theme throughout Sailing Stones’ forthcoming full length release, the use of synthesisers was “a game changer in terms of how I wanted to record my songs. It hooked me into making more music that reminded me of the AOR bands/singer-songwriters of the late 80s, when I was little.”