Fall Therapy is the project of the French Grenoble-based multi-instrumentalist Eymeric Amselem. The music he constructs as Fall Therapy combines crisp yet loose UK garage style percussion which creates a firm sound-bed for swirling synths, pendulous guitar loops, and some thoughtfully performed violin (an instrument that Amselem plays himself.)  

You Look Different is the first full-length and it is out now via n5md. According to his own words, Eymeric’s musical sensibility owes much to the n5MD multiverse. His first listen of Near The Parenthesis, Ruxpin and Arc Lab records in spring 2010 crystallized his tastes for emotional electronic landscapes, and influenced him to start learning the ropes of audio software and synths. He later reconnected with his first instrument, the violin, which he had learned during his youth at the Chambery Conservatory. This reassociation led him to add blurry strings and guitar loops to his compositions, melding a delicate organic presence within his dreamy electronic vibes. 

Full streaming is available below.