Saint Sadrill is the project of French Lyon-based musician and songwriter Antoine Mermet (CHROMB!).  In 2016 he releases his first EP Building Lampshades (produced alone with a laptop, stackable saxophones, some synthesizers and his voice). Pierrefilant is the new album, the first with a band formula. It was recorded in two days to catch the live energy born after two years of concerts. We have the pleasure to premiere the live video of a concert recorded at Studio Rouge in Rivolet (FR) on February 4th, 2018.

Their words about it: “This concert was shot two weeks after we had recorded the album, the place where we recorded and the one where we shot the concert happened to be the same : an old barn where our friend Laurent built a little studio that can also turn into a little concert room. It was a Sunday afternoon during the winter, and this show was closing a little tour : we decided to imagine a set up that was different from our regular performances, so that we could be surrounded by the audience. It was really delicious to play for these people, many of them are friends of us, and the others are from the village. We asked our friend Mlle Dou to be the director of the shooting, first because she is a good friend, she directed a lot of videos for our collective Dur et Doux, and also because she has a killer-team! The initial project was to choose one song to make it a video, like everybody does. But we thought that the context, the video quality and this specific set up could be the occasion to offer something else. Not to mention that we recorded our album in live conditions (but without an audience) : showing the full concert was also the occasion to show that we don’t count on the studio to make our music sound, but on ourselves, like a chamber music ensemble“.


  • Waiting For Him
  • Corq
  • To Go To Go To Go
  • We Gave You A Smile
  • Kiss Song