One year after live album In The Same Room, American singer-songwriter, producer and musician Julian Holter released a new album which she describes as “the cacophony of the mind in a melting world.”Aviary is out now via Domino Records. She shared a new video for the track “Whether“, directed by Dicky Bahto.

When Julia asked me to make a video for Whether, she said that I should ‘have fun with it’. I decided to indulge in my love of hand-worked darkroom techniques. Exposing 16mm film prepared with cyanotype solution to the light of the sun on my balcony every afternoon over a couple of weeks, making the work in small pieces, meant that as the fires in Southern California darkened the sky with smoke, my exposures took increasingly long amounts of time to get images ever more faint. Julia wanted me to share this anecdote, since it fits the dystopian theme of the song, which is about the world collapsing around us because of climate change. The video is made in homage to my dear friend and incredible filmmaker Amy Halpern, whose generous films and spirit are a comfort in dark times.

The album takes as its starting point a line from a 2009 short story by writer Etel Adnan: “I found myself in an aviary full of shrieking birds. “Amidst all the internal and external babble we experience daily, it’s hard to find one’s foundation,” says Holter. “I think this album is reflecting that feeling of cacophony and how one responds to it as a person – how one behaves, how one looks for love, for solace.  Maybe it’s a matter of listening to and gathering the seeming madness, of forming something out of it and envisioning a future.”