One year after the collaboration with Devis Granziera and Mingle, Italian musician and sound artist Deison returns with a new collaborative album with pianist Andrea Bellucci. Dead Piano is out now via Standa Dischi. The idea of the album was born from the intention of using the sound of the piano in a different context, compared to what we are used to listen.

Full streaming is availabe via Bandcamp. Listen below.

Can this instrument become a different ‘sound generator’? Beyond what has been done in the past, when many composers used a ‘prepared piano’, where they placed microphones near the strings, or pieces of metal that generated particular sounds resonating with the strings, the most recent technology offers many tools to manipulate that same sound, so well-known and unmistakable, and transform it into something quite different. Therefore it is possible for the piano to become a generator of percussive sounds, pads and drones, creating a sound palette that is reconciled with other sound sources becoming a cohesive and intriguing whole. The piano sounds manipulated by ANDREA BELLUCCI, are perfectly integrated with the atmospheres generated by CRISTIANO DEISON’s machines, creating ‘sonic landscapes’ which complement each other. Not only melody then, where the piano can be considered ‘the instrument’ par excellence, but also the search for atmospheres and environments that can involve the listener, perhaps giving unexpected emotions.