Candythief is the project of ​Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter and musician Diana de Cabarrus. She recently released a new album titled Imaginary Medals which is out now. We introduced her with the track “Modern Times”. We have the pleasure to premiere the official video of the track “Rosemary Lane“.

Her words about the track: “Rosemary lane is a traditional song that tells the story of a woman in service, recognised for her competence in her employment. A sailor comes to stay, decides he wants to possess her, does so, and as a consequence, left with her trajectory irreversibly changed. The notion of two people involved in an interaction where there is an imbalance of status which leaves one of them on a different course and one of them unaltered, is as resonant today as ever. 

The idea for the video – that many different, superficially very un-similar women are singing lines of the song because they have in common the experience of an imbalance of power – was already underway before the Kavanagh hearings, but they cast a fascinating light on these power imbalances as they exist now.