STILL is the project of Milan artist and musician Simone Trabucchi, previously known as Dracula Lewis. The project follows the unearthing of the histories that connect his hometown of Vernasca to Ethiopia and Jamaica, explored under his visual arts project Invernomuto as an in-depth fieldwork lead to ‘Negus’: a series of sculptures, installations, a book, and a long-feature experimental documentary, screened at Unsound 2016.

I (2017)is the debut album that is out now via PAN. Now he released a remix album of his first full-lenght with contributions by NÍDIA (Principe), Kenyan producer Slikback as well as Nyege Nyege associate Zilla, Low Jack and E-Unity from France, Duppy Gun Productions feat. I Jahbar, Primitive Art’s Jim C. Nedd, Kelman Duran.

The album is mastered by Jeremy Cox, featuring artwork by Invernomuto, costume by Jules Goldsmith and photography by Giulio Boem. Listen below.