Flieder are the Swiss Zurich-based instrumental duo which feature Thomas Böhm and Thomas Troxler. Four years after Passing By, they returned with a new track titled “Paria” which is out now via Red Birck Chapel. It shows the delicacy and the complexity of post-rock textures with dynamic ambient lines on the backgorund. We have the pleasure to premiere the official video directed by Daniel Rutz and Oliver Forkel.

His words about the collaboration with the duo: “As a long time friend and fan of FLIEDER I was asked to realise the clip for the song TRAVELLER 5 years ago. Back then we had chosen to work with a basic method of production and to focus the musicians themselves, an intention we wanted to adapt for their new song PARIA. Our aim was to work in a small familiar team, to spend a good time together and to produce a video from friends for friends. We tried to leave enough space for unexpected and odd ideas and allow them to be implemented in a way.

It was a challenge to reflect all the different vibes of PARIA in one storyline, to translate all the tiny musical nuances into pictures. A subtile humor was as important as an environment somewhere between terrestrial and fantastically, where the music swells up to its broad extent: A space- and timeless non-place.

The sound of FLIEDER has something unique and novel to me. A scenery of sounds with highs and lows, a bulge of melancholia and hope, a living organism who quests for the superior. It was obvious to me and Oliver Forkel that they have to quest for the supernatural in the video too and that space and plot are not completely concrete.

We worked with specific objects and topics for particular sounds already for TRAVELLER. In PARIA a lead-synth turned into a search-signal, the musical progression into a mind-blowing trip, the guitar-solo into a ritual, the glockenspiel into a peaceable end.”

More about the track: There haven’t been a concrete musical concept behind the track but an exceptional devlopement story. It was back in 2015 when Thomas recorded some guitars and sent them to the other Thomas who added a beat. He sent the fragment back and they replayed the game of electronic exchange for a few times till both agreed for a basic structure. Than they met and ended up jamming until this structure of creativity merged into an organic flow of music, which was basically PARIA. They wanted to bring the new track live on stage, as they do it with every new song before recording them. But the currant sampling method did not allow them to perform the track in an adequate manner. So they start to work on a completely new live setup which brought the rework of a part of the repertoire at once. After performing PARIA live on stage they again recapped the track on behalf of the audience feedback to finalize PARIA and finally start to work on the DIY-recording and production process which took another year and ended up in this epic tune.