Two years after  Clones (Macro) and Parade EP, Vienna-based trio Elektro Guzzi (Bernhard Breuer, Bernhard Hammer, Jakob Schneidewind) released a new album. Polybrass now via Denovali Records. They shared the official video for the track “Aerostat” which features Hilary Jeffrey, Daniel Riegler, Martin Ptak (trombones) and Takanobu Hagihara (vocals). Watch it below.

For their newalbum Polybrass, Elektro Guzzi have drastically expanded their sonic repertoire: both in the studio and on stage, they are joined by an ensemble of three trombonists, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities. With Hilary Jeffrey, Daniel Riegler and Martin Ptak, the band are joined by three brass heavyweights, each of them well renowned for both their solo ventures as well as projects such as The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Sand and Zeitkratzer. By treating the three trombones not simply as a set of extra instruments but rather as one coherent body of sound on its own, Elektro Guzzi dissociate the brass instruments from their conventional use and repurpose them into something completely different: a modular synthesizer, with each trombone representing one oscillator.