Four years ago we introduced The Whip Hand, the Italian band which involve Luca Occhionigro, Gianni Ricchiuti, Francesco Adduce and Gianluca Muti. They released a new album titled Sometimes, We Are which is out now via Lady Sometimes Records and MiaCameretta Records. It follows 2014’s debut full-lenght Wavefold and 2015’s five-track EP Still Life.

The new album shows their ability of distinctive musicians and the building of a different sound (compared to the debut album) without to degenerate their identity. They “muffled” their post-punk attitude to compose more elaborated textures, following some shades of their previous works. They express their own idea of psychedelic sound in a wide space of styles: from dreamy vibes of vocals to distortions to create a dynamic balance.

It is what I name “melodic elaborations of the noise“: cheerful and exuberant rhythms meet trembling and rough lines, with a touch of introspection which isn’t explicited but it is tangible.

Release party of the album will take place on November 25th at MAT – Laboratorio Urbano in Terlizzi (Italy), opening Jerusalem In My Heart show. Full streaming is available via Bandcamp. Listen below.