Four years ago we introduced Silent Carnival, the project of Italian musician and singer-songwriter Marco Giambrone (Marlowe) and his self-titled debut full-length (Viceversa Records and Old Bicycle Records). Now he’s back with the sophomore album. Somewhere is out now via Backwards Records.

It features Caterina Fede (vocals, organ, harmonium, synth, autoharp, cymbals, percussions, noises), Alfonso De Marco (bass guitar, percussions, backing vocals), Andrea Serrapiglio (viola on “Like Gaming Cards”, strings on “Somewhere”), Luca Serrapiglio (bass clarinet on “Calvary”), Stefano De Ponti (subtractive synthesis on choirs on “Calvary”) and Luca Swanz Andriolo (banjos on “Somewhere”). Full streaming is available via Bandcamp.